Hello, I live here.

This week it dawned on me that I live in New York.

It happened on Wednesday when I had the opportunity to see my darling friend from high school, Jess, play an excellent show with her band mere blocks away from my Park Slope sublet. After their set was over, Jess gave me a big hug and asked me about my life. Nonchalantly, I explained that my friends Anda, Marika, and I had rented a one-month sublet in Park Slope and had just signed a lease for an apartment in Williamsburg. Her eyes got really big as she said, ‘Wait, like a lease lease? Like you live here now?!’

I nodded.

And then, it hit me. I live in Brooklyn! I ride the subway! I signed a lease and will soon live in a little apartment across from a playground with three of the funniest people who have ever walked the face of the earth! I’m not really sure if I can compost anymore! New York!

Jess and I hugged again!

Incidentally, The Dearloves happened to be opening for two Portland bands. So, I got to watch some rad musicians from Portland, Oregon with one of my favorite people from Arlington, Texas in Brooklyn, New York. (You guys, would Oprah deem this a full-circle moment? I think YES.) And the whole time I just kept thinking to myself, ‘I wonder where these Portlanders go for brunch.’

Fast-forward two days: Anda, Marika, and I are on the couch watching Mad Men. Penelope (the raw foodist pitbull, who only eats raw chicken, that we have to take care of because New York real estate is crazy, and it was the only way to sublet an apartment) is at our feet. Onscreen, Roger Sterling says, ‘I have to stay away from Midtown.’ A little bell goes off in my brain because we had just had sushi there (long story). Anda turns to me and whispers, ‘We’re there.’ And then I got all giddy because I live in New York now!

The end.

Oh wait, here are some pictures.

'Pan Am' was filming in my (temporary) neighborhood. I gave them my résumé. No big.

Free parking at the block party.

This is Park Slope.

This is (a mural in) Williamsburg.

This is my favorite building in Midtown.

The end, for real.


3 responses to “Hello, I live here.

  1. Nu yorrk songz

    I am yr blogs biggest fan!

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