Big changes to a little blog

I have a bad case of the Januaries tonight. Do you ever get those? A case of the Januaries is like a case of the Mondays writ large. It’s cold; you can’t listen to Christmas carols to make up for it; and just when you are thinking about leaving the house, it gets dark. To top it off, you’re out of Swiss Miss. Ugh, January!

I just said to Tasha and Anda (hereafter T&A), ‘Sorry, I’m in a weird mood,’ and they replied, ‘Me, too!’ PROOF. The Januaries Are Real.

When the Januaries strike, I try to be productive and do things I can feel good about.  This morning I woke up and made myself breakfast.

It was good but not good enough to ward off the Januaries. Blah. Anyway, then I tidied my room until I could tidy no more. It’s still not in good enough shape to photograph. Sorry. Maybe someday soon. (Don’t hold your breath.)

Seeing that I had done all I could in the physical realm, I moved on to the virtual and made some changes I had planned for this blog.

#1 The header now reads, ‘living every teenage girl’s idiotic dream (according to my uncle).’
About a week ago my uncle G suggested that I ‘start a webpage since [I am] living every teenage girl’s idiotic dream of moving to New York City and living in a tiny rodent-infested* apartment’. My cousins informed him that I already have a blog, and he was appalled that I am not charging for all this great content. (Teach me how?)

#2 There’s a bunch of stuff in the column to your left.
Me! Archives! A subscribe button! Tags!

#3 My blog now provides quick access to the best Betty Boop clip art I could find.
Would you kindly have a look at the top of this page? Right below the blog header is a link to Betty Boop  clip art. Despite what this suggests, I am not an authority on the matter. I’m sadly not even a fan of Betty Boop clip art. The scoop is this: I mentioned B. Boop once, which led to many people finding my blog by searching for clip art of the aforementioned cartoon. It quickly became the number one way people find this blog, and I am all about giving the people what they want. Betty Boop-ers, I hope you’ll stick around! Though I don’t know much about Ms. Boop, I happen to share her most famous physical attribute (five feet tall, just like her).

Those are all the changes for now, but I hope to spruce things up around here more often.

Thanks for reading!



One response to “Big changes to a little blog

  1. I’ve got the Januaries too! But your blog helps.

    New York Christmas Portland Family Texas!

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