Oh, hello! I didn’t see you come in. (Just kidding.)

My name is kristy. I think about things including, but not limited to, the following:

• coming up with a witty blog name

• coining a cooler term for ‘blog’

• using my B.A. in Sociology for something other than grad school/giving unsolicited observations about social phenomena to people who are just trying to watch T.V.

• being a socially conscious, environmentally responsible, totally relatable, chill person

• teasing my hair at the crown just so

• contributing to my community

• describing the Internet to time travelers from the past

I was inspired to start a blog after reading many neat blogs for months and months. Some of them are social justice blogs. Some of them are lifestyle blogs. For a while I couldn’t decide what kind of blog I wanted to write, so I thought about why I read the blogs I do. I like social justice blogs because they get me all fired up! They push me out of my comfort zone, motivate me to take action, and prompt me to do some always-needed self-examination. Sometimes they make me really angry or sad about the state of the world. Lifestyle blogs, on the other hand, make me feel warm and fuzzy. They are clever and visually stimulating. I read them to smile and feel good. Lifestyle blogs are really personal, but they’re usually not very political. Social justice blogs are the opposite. Usually, it’s hard to imagine that real-life people write them from their living room couches.

Voilá, my blog! Here I hope to talk about my life without shying away from  the controversial tough important big stuff. Expect posts about everything ranging from cupcakes, bike rides, and homemade dinners to environmental elitism, racism, and misogyny.  I will do my best not to be too preachy or jargon-y. My aim is to create a little corner of the internet where I can document the wonderful moments that make me happy, share the stuff I’ve figured out about how I want to live, and figure out the rest of it. I hope I’m not pretentious. I hope I get cut down to size sometimes. I hope I seem human.


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