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just got back from a lovely sixteen-day vacation. Seven of those days were spent in Portland with some of my favorite friends, flowers, and food. The other nine were spent in Chihuahua with my family & Devin. All were spent largely away from the computer in favor of real-life face-to-face fun.

While I was away, my blog turned one year old. This was my first post. (I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that bland list with no final punctuation at the end of any sentence. I love punctuation?!.) Since then, I have written forty-four. It’s been really fun, and I hope to write at least forty-four more. Given that I love birthdays, I wanted to acknowledge my blog’s, if not with a cupcake, at least with a thank you.

I started this blog because after graduating from college I finally had the time. For the first time ever, I didn’t know what I would do in the upcoming year. I had some vague notions (Move to New York! Find a job! Try my hand at short-distance dating with Devin!), but really, it was mostly a blank page or a big scary question mark, depending on my mood.

A couple of months ago, it dawned on me that this is what I have to show for my entry into the homework-optional world. It has been an abnormal year for me. I’ve been here and there and there. I’ve had an oft-changing routine. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to document a lot of it and even more grateful to you for reading. I mean, it’s not like I think you’re obsessed with this little blog or anything. ; )

But the internet is soooooooooooo big. You could be reading so many cool things right now. Instead you’re here. Thank you. It really means a lot. After all, if it weren’t for you, all I’d have to show for the past year is a journal, which is so much less impressive than a blog, wouldn’t you agree?

With love and winky faces,

P.S. In case you’re interested (or new here), I went back and read through all my entries and these are my top three favorites. I think they’re pretty representative of the scope of my blog in general: silly, sappy, serious.