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My Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas, Christmas-celebrators! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. I was inspired by blogger Natalie Holbrook to write about my Christmas tree. You can read that short essay below.

After graduating from college, I packed my life into four suitcases, said goodbye to a lot of my shoes, and moved across the country to live with three of my favorite friends in New York City! I couldn’t wait to have my first adult apartment and decorate my first grown-up Christmas tree.

However, after six months of an unsuccessful search for a Real Job and two months of an unsuccessful search for a couch small enough to fit through our apartment’s tiny front door,* I decided it would be imprudent to buy one. I suppose a living room without a couch would have allowed the tree to be the center of attention, and I’m sure that stripped-down-modern-Christmas feeling appeals to some. But for me, a tree without a couch from which to contemplate it seemed sad and somehow symbolic of my lacking stable employment.

Besides, New York is practically the Official City of Christmas Trees. Being a resident, I reckoned I could pick a favorite and declare it mine. I thought of letting the Rockefeller Tree & the Madison Square Park Tree compete for my affection—although let’s be real, I’m an indoor gal. The Plaza would have probably won, no contest.

I was busy creating a mental tree scoresheet when, like all great things, my favorite tree found me.

Isn’t she a beaut?

She spotted me on my way to the Subway and declared, ‘Hey, I’m your New York tree!’

I like her because she is so New York. Not bright lights, big city New York, but my New York: a little neighborhood in Brooklyn where space is tight and you make do with what ya got. Scrappy New York! The proud feeling I get when I’m ducking and squeezing into a too-full Subway car or carrying fifteen pounds of groceries seven blocks to my two-story walk-up. When I look at my tree, she says, ‘You did it, girl. You’re here. Now quit lookin’. Don’t you have someplace you gotta be?’

* Seriously, if you know of any cheap, miniature, comfortable sofas, hit me up—the comfortable part is negotiable. We are desperate.

Season’s Geography Lesson

Greetings from sunny Mexico!

Last night a strange substance began to fall from the skies. It fell all night and left a strange residue on the ground. Being the brave soul that I am can be, I ventured out to inspect it this afternoon.

Upon close inspection the mystery substance was revealed to be...snow!

Yes, friends, it snowed in Mexico!!!!

Actually, snow is not uncommon here in Northern Mexico.

Another thing that is quite common is having Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. This year my family did a white-elephant gift exchange, and I got the Best Present Ever.

My very own copy of 'Twilight: New Moon'!

Oh boy. I guess I only have myself (and the law of attraction) to blame.