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The time I turned twenty-three

This year I spent my birthday feeling a little out of sorts. All of my very best friends in New York gave me lovely presents and surprises, but for most of the day I was alone in this big city I am trying to call home.

I felt like I should feel lucky to have the day off on my birthday—a Tuesday, no less—and I should be happy exploring New York by myself, because I have always dreamed of living here and now I do. But the truth is, I felt lonely and overwhelmed despite my best efforts to feel otherwise.

This led to me getting upset with myself for not being happier, more thankful, more well-adjusted. It went like this: first, I got upset at myself for not feeling like a New Yorker and for wondering if I’m not cut out for this place after all. Then, I got upset at myself because isn’t living in New York and hating it the biggest cliché of all?

This emotional catch-22 lasted until I talked to a girl on her way to get a tattoo symbolic of her hometown. She told me she was moving back home after living here for a year and wanted to get something to remind her that she’d come to New York for a reason. ‘It wasn’t to live here; it was to realize how much I love home.’

Just writing that puts me at ease. When I mulled it over, I realized the reason I came to New York was to grow. I may not have a favorite restaurant or a dream job, but I am certainly learning something and striving to be a better person every day. And this is exactly what I want my life to be about.

When I think about my twenty-third birthday, I hope I’ll remember this lesson…and one of my favorite birthday parties ever. (It happened the Friday after my birthday.)

Do you want to see pictures? Okay!

Anda and Tasha helped me put up these streamers.

Most of the food and flowers came from the Union Square farmers’ market! All the drinks were sparkly.

This is my soul in cake form.

Everyone ate and talked and had fun (I hope). Some people made hats and drawings. I got to see friends I hadn’t seen in ages!

There was the traditional singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ followed by the traditional blowing out of candles.

I finally found a birthday dress the day before my party! I’ve written before about my clothing politics and am proud to report this is a vintage find. That belt, also vintage, is one of my first attempts at accessorizing. Do you want to know what the buckle is?

A horse!

Thanks to Jess and Tasha for the majority of these pictures.  Thanks to all my friends and family for a terrific birthday, overall.


My Funny Valentines

On Valentine’s Day, I got to be an extra in an ad. The ad was for a liquor, but we were actually sipping on a mixture of apple juice and coffee. (Delicious and avant-garde! Sure to be a hit at your next brunch!)

I arrived at the photo shoot and immediately liked two of my fellow extras. They were funny and gregarious! They were not too cool to talk to me! Throughout the shoot, I lamented my lack of friend-making savvy. If only I were more like my mother blah blah, etc.

Thankfully, one of the extras suggested we go to my favorite coffee shop after the shoot. When we got there, the barista took one look at me and, before I could say ‘soy latté,’ asked me if I was kristy. I am kristy, but I had no clue who he was. ‘It’s been a while…’ he trailed off, leaving me with no choice but to stammer, ‘Yeah—um—who—I don’t recognize…’

‘I’m [generic boy name with interesting spelling].’

Cue the memory montage of meeting [generic boy name with interesting spelling] at an indie rock show, being serenaded on the guitar to Elliott Smith & Bob Dylan, hearing about his passion for latté art and his dream of working at a snobby coffee shop (mission accomplished!). It all ended with him reading me a farewell letter from his Moleskin notebook at a bus stop, asking to kiss me, & yelling, ‘Miss you already!’ as I boarded the bus.
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For Issy (cuz I know you’re reading, grrrl!)

Dear Issy,

2 weeks ago, I met Devin’s
15 year-old cousin. She is approximately
4.2 times cooler than I could ever hope to be, and her bedroom is
500% more magnificent than the average outstandingly magnificent room.

The only rooms I have met on that level have all been yours, and though I know you don’t need interior decorating tips, I took pictures of her ‘fairy lights’ for you.

These are they.

A wider view (check that papier-mâché sun in the background!)

She even had them in your favorite color (or is blue only your favorite color for pen ink? I forget).


1. Make origami boxes to fit over twinkle lightbulbs.

2. Put them over your existing twinkle lights.

3. Hang them up and feel proud.

4. Take pictures and send them to me.

Love you more than words,

P.S. I drew this picture of us today.

We'd make cute cephalopods.

P.P.S. I unwittingly drew it on a personality analysis webpage.

Your personality analysis based on this drawing: You think you are very intelligent. You are a needy person.

Readers, there you have it. An unbiased analysis. Get yours here. Also, ‘fairy lights’ is proper British nomenclature.