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How to say goodbye to Portland

STEP ONE: Brunch like your life depends on it!

This was at the Waffle Window, but I’m not endorsing any specific brunch place for the simple reason that I know any brunch in Portland is 1000x better than brunch anywhere else.

STEP TWO: Visit all your favorite flowers for photo shoots.

In real life, these flowers are 1994 incarnate.

Nature’s Moodboard

Paper Flowers

Usually I detest anything evocative of gradients, but these flowers make it work.

I see you hiding, wispy little blue flower.

Flowers on tree, flowers near tree.

STEP THREE: Say goodbye to your favorite chickens.

STEP FOUR:  Throw yourself a fabulous farewell party!

Thanks for making my wish come true, neat Portland friends!

STEP FIVE:  Say goodbye from afar (otherwise you may never leave).