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Was that me on the news last night?

Yesterday my friend Jasmin and I went to Occupy Dallas to take part in the National Day of Action. On our way there, we heard that the camp had been raided. Instead of a Day of Action, we witnessed the psychological aftermath  of a raid that most news outlets—and even a Dallas city council member—deemed a waste of municipal resources and an excessive use of force.

The occupiers were forced to spend yesterday re-organizing and processing the night’s occurrence. Few people were there for the morning’s march, so Jasmin and I got to have many in-depth conversations. And (added bonus!), we knew eveeeeeeerybody who was on WFAA’s 10 o’clock Occupy Dallas news segment despite the fact that the image quality was really low. Yup, we recognized everything, including…

See that yellow sign, kind of center right?

Doesn’t it look exactly like this sign to you? Or doesn’t it look not exactly UNLIKE this sign to you?