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Join me in The Future (a giveaway!)

Were you a Flintstones kid or a Jetsons kid? I really wish I could say I was a Flintstones kid. The Flintstones kids probably grew up to be great environmentalists who hire goats to mow their lawns. Meanwhile, the Jetsons kids now while away their days dreaming about their first Roomba.

I was totally a Jetsons kid. Let’s watch the intro, just for fun!

This post isn’t really about the Jetsons except insomuch as it is about The Future. As someone who couldn’t wait for the future and spent hours deciding whether she would have Judy or Jane hair (both so flippy but in such different ways), I was really bummed when the advent of the new millennium did not bring with it sleek flying bubble cars and instead gave us the PT Cruiser. It was a total where-did-society-go-wrong moment for me. Fortunately, some of the things meant to exist in this time and place–like the Roomba–actually made it here. And now thanks to me, you can be a part of The Future as the Sixties intended it, too!

How? Well…the other day I went to the doctor at Oregon Health & Science University by the banks of the Willamette in dear old Portland, Oregon (I’m leaving in ten days, so it’s time to wax poetic). As I was leaving, the front desk people asked if I needed my parking validated. I said no. They asked if I wanted a tram ticket. I said, ‘Yes!’ because I’d never ridden the tram even though it has been on my Portland to-do list ever since I first saw it because look:

It is the perfect little space pod. Definitely designed by a Jetsons kid.

I was waiting in line to board when I realized I didn’t need the ticket at all because my job gives me monthly public transit passes, and the tram is publicly-owned. I tucked the ticket in my wallet and thought maybe I’d keep it forever because even the Tram logo is adorable.

That’s some cute.

And just when you think things can’t get any cuter, look at what I saw from the tram.

Do you see what I see? A rainbow!

Fast-forward a couple of days: I’m back at OHSU’s Center for Health & Healing, this time for an appointment with a really cool eye doctor who sounds like Joni Mitchell. At the end of my appointment, I am offered another tram pass, which I take. Then, I notice a basket of freebies and grab two of whatever prize is in there while the person at the front desk isn’t looking. I inspect the freebies in the elevator: roll-up sunglasses. I pat myself on the back for grabbing two and think they are way cool. This time I don’t have time to ride the tram, so I head home where I have a brilliant idea—-taking Photobooth pictures of myself in the cool sunglasses I got for free at the doctor.

They stay up like magic, no weird things behind your ears.

Then, I had an even more brilliant idea. I should give the sunglasses and two tram tickets away—-to you, lucky reader! I mean, the tram and frameless sunglasses are made for each other: sleek, geometric, futuristic. After realizing this, I couldn’t possibly advise riding the tram without the lenses. You could make a nice date out of these items, possibly involving Dipping Dots; or you could make two nice dates with yourself. The possibilities for fun with the tickets and the lenses are finite, but there are some.

I told Devin about my big idea to do a super cool future-as-imagined-by-the-Sixties giveaway (like a legit blogger!), and he pointed out that the roll-up sunglasses were not, as I thought, prizes from the eye doctor but rather, important tools for helping patients who’ve just had their pupils dilated so that they can see. You know what? That just makes the giveaway even better because the tram tickets say ‘Patient’ on them (they never expire; I checked). You can use the lenses if you want to pretend to be an OHSU patient or as a conversation starter with your fellow Tram-travelers (‘I just got my pupils dilated! Craaaazy stuff, man!’).

To win, simply comment and tell me whether you were a Jetsons kid or a Flinstones kid and why, along with why you want (deserve?) to win these inexpensive items I got for free. Entries shall be judged on creativity, level of detail, and—-above all—-syntactical complexity. The winner will be announced this weekend.

Good luck!