Monthly Archives: May 2011

Hello, world!

What I Did on My First Day of Adulthood

  1. Helped my mom get to the airport on time (while wearing my pajamas under a black lace skirt with dark brown socks and tennis shoes)
  2. Asked the hotel to extend check-out for me
  3. Ordered room service ($2.75 hashbrowns—with room service fees, $6.25!)
  4.  Showered and put on my bathing suit
  5. Went to the pool (by myself, to swim laps)
  6. …and did not even ask a stranger to pass me my towel
  7. Showered, dressed, and packed everything I brought to the hotel
  8. Boarded the light rail and felt grateful to have nothing on my agenda for the day
  9. Realized I did have something on my agenda: a group meeting about my upcoming little job that started in twenty minutes
  10. Got off the light rail and took the bus
  11. Arrived late
  12. Had to make a difficult decision: show up ten minutes late to a group meeting with a rolly suitcase in tow and a bad case of the hiccups OR reschedule for a one-on-one meeting
  13. Decided the former was more adult (for reasons unbeknownst to me, frankly)
  14. Went home and carried my rolly suitcase up the stairs
  15. Listened to ‘All Things Considered’
  16. Helped make dinner
  17. Called my mom
  18. Wrote important e-mails
  19. Helped wash dishes
  20. Started a blog (this one, right here. Hi!)